Ariel Cohen Alloro – Q&A: Is Jesus God?


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Video Transcript:

“Is Jesus God?”

“There is a difference between G-d’s revelation and G-d. G-d’s revelation, or manifestation, is always a picture. It’s a picture, an image of some thing. It’s a picture of the way I imagine Him. Jesus on the Cross is a picture, a specific image. Any image is not G-D. When somebody gives himself to die in a holy way, it’s a revelation of G-d. It’s not G-d, it’s G-d’s revelation. It’s something holy and I should look on and think about this (someone giving his life). There is a difference between G-d’s revelation and G-d.

The way I experience any picture, the way I see it, is not G-D. Everything is G-d, but that’s not what I experience, or the way that I see it. There’s a big difference. Why do we have a Temple, with music, all kinds of art, pictures, and nice things to see? Because we want to receive G-d’s revelation, but in the moment I worship G-d and I want to imagine G-d, what I have to do is not put more and more image, but I have to take ‘clothing’ off and off and off, so there’s no image. 

There’s a way from up to down (‘vashov’) of godliness and there’s a way from low to up (‘ratzo’). For example, it’s written about Moses that he saw the picture of G-d, but it’s also written not to make an image of G-d. Any image you make is not G-D, so it’s like two opposite things. If this is G-D’s revelation (from up to down), G-d reveals Himself below, so this can be through the face of a righteous man or good music, which can cause me to prophesy, like it’s written about Elisha, Shaul HaMelech, when he saw a bunch of musicians and he became a new man. They are G-d’s revelation, but I can never point about any revelation, even the two angels (Cherubim) in the Kodesh Kodashim (Holy of Holies), and say, “this is G-d!” In the moment I say about any revelation of G-d, that this is G-d, it’s idolatry.

It is written about the angels that they go up and down, up and down (“veHaChayot ratzo vashov,” Ezekiel 1:14). ‘Chayot’ is a name for angels in the world of ‘Asiyah’ (‘Action’). In the Sulam Yaakov (‘Jacob’s Ladder’), it says they are going up and down. Everybody in his work of G-D is up and down all of the time, like when we breathe. ‘Chayot’ is from the word ‘chayim’ (‘life’). All life is up and down and a balance of imagining and thinking about G-D, bringing godliness to this world, coming back to this world (‘vashov’). It’s like I go out of myself and come back to myself. All the time is this movement of having a picture and losing the picture. When we talk about G-d, there’s no picture. When we talk about a revelation, all this world is supposed to be a revelation of G-d. It’s supposed to be, if we fix it.

About making Jesus G-d, he made a big correction. They asked him, “why do you make yourself G-D?” Jesus said, “You are all G-d and sons of G-D” (“Elokim atem uvnei Elyon Kulchem,“ John 10:34), from the Psalms (82:6). This is what G-d said. Unfortunately, you died like you are not. This is the continuation, but really, “I said,” which means, “my plan, what I want from everybody is that one day it will be revealed that you are all G-D and sons of G-D.” “I said…” (“ani amarti Elokim atem uvnei Elyon Kulchem”). This was the answer from Jesus and it means really, “I want to reveal what I feel about myself, what I want to do is give you this point of being sons of G-d.” Jesus came to reveal and he knew the ‘Spark’ of Mashiach (Messiah) which he represented. Everyone personally has to experience being Jesus himself. The ‘Yechidah’ means Jesus. In this part of the soul that we call Mashiach, we have all the same face and are all the same. So each one of us is Jesus in this place of the Yechidah, if we get to this place. Jesus wanted that each one of us reveals this point in us. 

In the moment, Jesus is there and I am here and I say that he is G-d, I’ve done nothing (to realize Jesus’ words and desire for us to be like him).

Thank you.”

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