Redeem Yeshua

בס״ד Facing-Each-Other is the Orthodox Jewish, grass-roots initiative for the formal redeeming of Yeshua/Jesus back to the People of Israel. Please watch the intro movie: Join our Speed Fundraising Marathon campaign, we invite you to be a founder and supporter of this prophetic initiative:… Nevertheless, and very meaningful, we acknowledge all our supporters who […]

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Ariel Cohen Alloro – Q&A – part 1

בס״ד Video Transcript: “Is there any connection between your initiative and Messianic Judaism or any missionary trends and denominations?” “Almost none. I am an Orthodox Jew, not a Messianic Jew. Like I said many times, there’s no such thing as a Messianic Jew, according to the New Testament, because Jesus (Yeshua) ordered us to follow […]

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