Ariel Cohen Alloro – Who is “Natrona?”


Do the Jewish leaders know the truth about Jesus?

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Video Transcript:

“Good evening!

We said in the past that whoever had to know from our Sages about Jesus knew. Always there was someone who knew that Yosef was still alive, like Yitzhak (Isaac) knew all the time that Yosef was still alive. Yaakov (Jacob) didn’t know, but Yitzhak knew, our Sages said. But he was not allowed to reveal to Yaakov that Yosef was still alive. 

We can say by something that is written in the Midrash, which proves that some of our Sages knew all of the time that Jesus is the Mashiach (Messiah). I’m going now to a Midrash (Pesikta D’Rav Kahana, Pesikta Rabbati 15). In this Midrash, they ask, “who saved Am Yisrael (the People of Israel) from Paras (Persia)?” So they say, “Mordechai and Esther.” They ask, “Who saved Am Yisrael from Greece? The family of the Hashmonayim [‘Maccabees,’ the priest family]. Who will save us from Edom [Esau, Rome]?” Then, they said a name which no one knows what it means: “Natrona.”

‘Natrona’ comes from a word in Aramaic, ‘to keep.’ ‘Natzrut’ (‘Christianity’) means in Hebrew, ‘to keep,’ ‘keepers.’ It comes from the word, ‘LiNtzor.’ “Notzer teenah yochal piryah…” (“the one who keeps the fig will eat its fruit, and the one who guards his master will be respected,” Proverbs 27:18). This is the fruit in Christianity which is not yet ready to eat and needs to be kept. ‘Natrona,’ which means in Aramaic, ’the one that is kept,’ equals in Gematria, ‘Jesus’ (316). So, he is ‘kept.’

What is said in the continuation of this Midrash? “Vehayah lechem lemishmeret.” When Am Yisrael is ordered to take the sheep of Egypt, the idolatry of Egypt, and the sacrifice of Pesach, G-D told them you have to take it and ‘keep’ it for a few days before the sacrifice. He called the day, when they tied the lambs to the bed and they kept it for a few days until they ate it and went out of Egypt, by these exact words in the Torah, “vehayah lechem lemishmeret” (“it will be for you as a safeguarding,” Exodus 12:6). From this, we learn that the Mashiach has to be guarded, like Jesus has to be guarded. Why? Because the ‘fruit’ is not ready yet. The ‘fig’ is not ready yet. 

Jesus didn’t eat the fig tree, because the fruit was not ready, so he cursed the tree. Jesus said, “this fruit is not ready, so we have to curse it.” But in the Second Coming, when the fruit will be ready, it means it will be the time of salvation and the Second Coming. ‘Summer’ (קיץ) is the קץ (‘end’) of the day, when the fig tree will be ready (Matthew 24:32).

The Second Coming is close until we have a Torah that transforms the Curse into a Blessing, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the ‘Fig Tree,’ is connected to the Tree of Life. Before this happens, if the Curse itself doesn’t become a Blessing, it means that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is the Torah, is not yet connected to the Tree of Life and is not ready to be eaten, so then the ‘fig’ is just a fig and the ‘curse’ is just a curse. So Jesus said, “when the fig tree will be ready…” and our Sages knew it, which is why they said this name which no one knows from where it came. ‘Natrona’ equals ‘Jesus’ (‘Yeshu’), the ‘First Coming,’ which has to be ‘kept.’ This is from one of the oldest Midrashim, written maybe 200-300 years after Jesus.

Thank you.”

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