Redeem Yeshua


Facing-Each-Other is the Orthodox Jewish, grass-roots initiative for the formal redeeming of Yeshua/Jesus back to the People of Israel. Please watch the intro movie:

Join our Speed Fundraising Marathon campaign, we invite you to be a founder and supporter of this prophetic initiative:

Nevertheless, and very meaningful, we acknowledge all our supporters who made generous donations for the Facing-Each-Other organization activity and for the last fundraising campaign when we raised over $50,000 USD. Our dear Ariel Cohen Alloro is personally very grateful for all the genuine help and support from his followers.

Please share with all friends who love Yeshua and Israel. Together we can make it happen; this time we go all the way, we are very near… “TODAY, if you will listen to HIS VOICE… Emanu-EL” (‘G-D is with us,’ in Hebrew). Please make an effort to reach out and invite your congregations, communities, larger circles with people of faith to join this action. We continue our Fundraising Marathon at the Facing-Each-Other to gather the $2 Million in order to enable the ceremony of Redeeming the Firstborn son (“Pidyon haBen” in Hebrew), on behalf of Yeshua and his public Retrial, for the formal return of Yeshua back to the Jewish people and to reach full Reconciliation between Judaism and Christianity.

We invite you all to become part of this prophetic, historical initiative, to pray from your heart for the realization of the vision and goals of this initiative and make generous donations now, as much as you can, directly on the Facing-Each-Other crowdsourcing online platform at the link above…

Every single donation is important, no matter if big or small, it is a clear sign to confirm that you agree with this initiative and you are part of it, in a similar way that during the Temple, people were giving Half Shekel as an offering to the L-rd.

We believe that with G-D’s help, together we can make this happen now! For example, as in Ariel Cohen Alloro’s movie:

If we have 153 Angels who make donations, each of $13,000 or 1530 friends who donate, each one $1300, or 15,300 friends to donate $130 then we should have the whole amount in a few days. To achieve this, we only need a group of friends who agree to assume the responsibility to help in this important fundraising mission.

In any case, all donations of any amount from each of us are equally important as we confirm that we count on a bigger grass-roots supporting community.

A short Q&A for the clarification of many aspects linked to this initiative is available here:

Another Video Q&A on many topics is at this link:

Relevant videos:

Also in Hebrew:

Many thanks to all our supporters and blessings from Jerusalem!

Ariel Cohen Alloro – chairman of the Facing Each Other initiative,

Jerusalem, Israel

Note: Facing-Each-Other is a 100% pure Jewish Orthodox initiative, it has nothing to do with any of the Missionary, Christian nor Messianic denominations.

Please Subscribe to our channel:

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Visit our website:

Join our Telegram Channel and Community Group for communication:

We will also have Zoom meetings set on Telegram in order to coordinate our fundraising.

PS: We have Subtitles , CC translation in English, French and Spanish now… We need to translate this short video into other languages, such as: Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese, Romanian, etc.

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