Ariel Cohen Alloro – The Trinity – Part 1


“The secret of the Trinity is that Chesed, Gevurah and Tiferet (the sephirot) are always surrounding you and it’s part of the One Light radiating from the one Creator. When it’s judgment, it’s the Light. When it’s mercy, its also the Light. The distinction is an illusion. When you separate, this causes idolatry.

The triple (trinity) is like the Tefillin, and the Mezuzah and the Tzitzit, which is called the Triple Thread. These are three vessels but they are revealing the same One Light.”

-Orthodox Rabbi Moses David Valle, I Sette Giorni della Verità

“As to the doctrine of the Trinity to which the modern Jew so much objects (which was a doctrine really held by many of the most learned of the Rabbis) it is a very sublime thing, more extended than the circumference of the earth, and more expanded than the sea, and has many sublime principles depending on it, and truly does the Apostle say: ‘Great is the mystery of Godliness’; for not everyone can fathom the depth of that mystery.”

-Orthodox Rabbi Eliyahu Tzvi Soloveitchik
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Video Transcript:


“I would like to talk today about the Trinity. Like we said, our book is based on the word, ‘Chen’ (grace, חן), which also means, ‘symmetry.’ The word ‘Chen’ in Hebrew always goes together with the word, ‘Stone’ (‘evan,’ אבן). ‘A stone of grace,’ is a ‘gemstone.’ The Mashiach (Messiah) is called in many places of the Torah and Bible, “stone,” like, “the first stone (‘evan haRosha’) with shouts of chen chen (‘grace grace’) to her” (Zechariah 4:7). ‘Evan bochan,’ “I establish in Zion a stone of examination” (Isaiah 28:16). The Mashiach is called ‘stone’ in many places of the Torah. By the way, if we take the name of ‘Yeshua’ (ישוע) in ordinal numbers, it equals, ‘stone,’ which is 53. Yud (י) is the 10th letter, shin (ש) is the 21st letter, vav (ו) is the 6th, and ayin (ע) is the 16th. Altogether it equals ‘stone.’ One of the names of the Mashiach is ‘Pele yoetz’ (פלא יועץ), which means he gives advice which is ‘pele.’ ‘Pele’ is a ‘miracle.’ ‘Pele’ equals ‘gemstone’ (111). ‘Pele’ (פלא) has the same letters as, ‘alef’ (אלפ) and equals, ‘hafuch’ (‘backwards,’ הפוך). All the idea of ‘Chen’ has to do with putting everything backwards. ‘Pele’ is the same letters as ‘alef,’ but backwards. ‘Alef’ is like ‘alufo shel olam’ (‘chief of the world’), like G-D.

One of the names of Mashiach is that he gives advice (‘yoetz’) which is ‘pele.’ This (‘pele yoetz’ פלא יועץ) equals in Gematria a ‘doctor’ (רופא, 287). It is advice which tells you to reverse yourself. If you want to be healthy, reverse yourself. You know when somebody is sick on his bed, we reverse him, and make him change sides. When somebody is sick and suffering, he is ‘devai’ (דוי). When we reverse these letters which have to do with suffering, we get the ‘yud’ (יוד). The ‘yud’ represents Wisdom, life, and healing. The idea of being healthy and healed is to reverse everything and anything that we think we are. This is the idea of symmetry. ‘111’ is in symmetric form. 

Now what does this have to do with the Trinity? ‘Evan’ (אבן) is a word that contains two words, ‘Av’ (אב), which is ‘father’ and ‘ben’ (בן), which is ‘son.’ ‘Evan’ (אבן) is ‘av,’ ‘ben’ (אב, בן). Our Sages say that ‘Chen’ is ‘Ruach Hakodesh’ (‘the holy spirit’), which is always related to ‘Eshet Chen’ (‘a woman of grace’), so it’s a female aspect that has to do with Ruach HaKodesh. “Eshet chen titmoch kavod” (“a gracious woman obtains honor,” Proverbs 11:16). We have in these two words (‘Evan chen’) a hint of the Trinity, like we see that 111 also equals ‘Alef,’ which is (the letter representing) ‘one,’ so it’s ‘one’ that has three representations when it comes to the revealing of G-D in the created world. Always there are three revelations of the One.

Here’s another way how 111 has to do with the number 3: ‘111’ is three times ‘37.’ ‘37’ is a prime number and is the 13th prime number. If I do a line of all the prime numbers starting with one, ‘37’ is the 13th prime number. ‘13’ equals the word, ‘echad’ (אחד), which is ‘one.’ Alef (א) is one, chet (ח) is eight, and dalet (ד) is four, so together they are thirteen. So ‘111’ is three times, ‘one.’

Like everyone knows, we say twice a day, “Shema Yisrael, Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad” (“Hear O Israel, the L-rd our G-d, the L-rd is one.” “Hashem echad” (26 אחד) equals, ‘one, one, one,’ or three times, ‘echad.’ ‘G-D’ equals two times ‘one,’ plus ‘one,’ and equals ‘39,’ which is three times, ‘one.’ We can see very simply that when we talk about the unity of G-D, we talk about a unity between three things where the One is revealed in them.

If we watch the creation of the world, in the creation of the world it is written three times the word, ‘one’ (אחד). It is written in the Book of Yetzirah (a very ancient book) that the world was created in three dimensions of existence, which are called, “olam, shanah, nefesh.” ‘Olam’ (עולם) means ‘space.’ ‘Shanah’ (שנה) in modern Hebrew means, ‘year,’ but in the old language means, ‘time,’ and ‘nefesh’ (נפש) means, ‘soul.’ So G-D created the world in three dimensions of reality. Science already revealed the dimensions of Space and Time, but not yet the ‘soul’ dimension. 

“They say Sefer Yetzirah was written by Avraham?” It’s meyuchas (attributed) to Avraham Avinu. 

In the creation of the world, there are three times the world ‘one.’ The first time was “vayehi erev vayehi voker” (“there was the evening and there was the morning”), “G-D called the light, day, and the dark, night… but it was all one day” (יום אחד). ‘Yom echad’ (‘one day’) has to do with ‘time.’ The second time that ‘one’ is mentioned is where the water came to ‘one place’ (Genesis 1:9), so the Torah uses the word, ‘place,’ ‘makom echad’ (מקום אחד). This is related to ‘makom,’ which is space, or the world. The third time we see ‘one’ is about Adam and Eve, that they became ‘one flesh’ (‘basar echad,’ בשר אחד), which is related to the soul and the connection between two souls, Adam and Eve. Each one of these verses we mentioned, where the word ‘echad’ is written, each contain thirteen words (which is the Gematria of ‘one’). If I would do the Gematria of ‘yom’ (יום), ‘makom’ (מקום), ‘basar’ (בשר), the three words which are mentioned with the word, ‘one,’ then the average value of these three words is ‘Avraham’ (אברהם). The Bible says that “Avraham was one” (Ezekiel 33:24)…”

To be continued

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