Ariel Cohen Alloro – The “Chad Gadya” Song and Its Secrets Revealed


‘Tree of Life’ in Kabbalah
The Holy One, blessed be he – Keter
The Angel of Death – Cochmah
The Slaughterer – Binah
The Bull – Daat
Water – Chesed
Fire – Gevurah
The Stick – Tiferet
The Dog – Netzach
The Cat – Hod
The Goat (Chad Gadya) – Yesod
The Father – Malchut (= ‘Two Million’)
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Video Transcript:

“Like we said before, the next day that can be a day of redemption is ‘Yud Tet Kislev,’ which equals ‘Matzah’ (135). Matzah is the bread that we eat on Pesach, so I would like to give a lesson about a song that we sing at the Seder of Pesach. There are different songs at the end of the Haggadah that traditionally Am Yisrael (the People of Israel) sing from the Haggadah, and no one really understands what this song has to do with the redemption (‘Geulah’) of Pesach. Nobody has any idea.

The song I would like to talk about is “Chad Gadya.” The song is in Aramaic. ‘Chad’ is ‘one’ (Heb. ‘Echad’). ‘Gadya’ is ‘gedi’ (Heb.), a baby goat or baby sheep. The song starts like this, “Chad gadya, chad gadya,” so there are two. “That Father bought with two zuzim.” It’s like two small amounts of money. “Chad gadya, chad gadya,” this is like the pizmon (chorus), the refrain that we come back to all of the time. 

Now what is the story? G-D, the Holy One, blessed be he, came and slaughtered the Angel of Death, that slaughtered the Slaughterer, that slaughtered the Bull, that drank the Water, that extinguished the Fire, that burned the Stick, that hit the Dog, that beat the Cat, that ate the Gedi, that the Father bought with two money. ‘Shnei zuzim’ equals ‘Shekel’ in Gematria (430), which is the secret of the ‘Two Million’ (dollars, with which to redeem Yeshua from the Priesthood).

First of all, we have to fix all of the concepts that appear here in the Sefirot, in the ‘Tree’ of the Kabbalah. We will see that from the person who wrote this song is something completely mystical and kabbalistic with everything perfectly in its place. In the Sefirah of ‘Yesod,’ against Yosef (Joseph), is the Gedi, the small baby sheep or lamb, that the Father bought. The Father is in the Kingdom, like Yaakov (Jacob) bought the Birthright, which is Yosef, for two ‘bloods.’ Yaakov bought the soul of Yosef from Esau for two bloods (‘two reds,’ “HaAdom HaAdom hazeh,” Genesis 25:30). It’s like the Father bought the Gedi for ‘two million,’ which equals ‘Malchut’ (‘Kingdom,’ 496).

Next, came the Shunrah, which is the Cat, but ‘shunrah’ comes from the phrase, ‘lashon haRa’ (‘the bad tongue’). The Cat ate the Gedi, but really it said bad things about the Gedi. ‘Lashon’ is ‘tongue’ and it equals ‘Yeshua’ in Gematria (386), by the way. “Keep your tongue from saying bad things” (“Netzor leshoncha mera,” Avodah Zarah 19b:9). ‘Netzor’ is like Christianity (‘Natzrut’). We have to be careful about saying bad things about Jesus, because like this story says, the Shunrah (Cat) ate the Gedi, so came the Dog (Kelev) and beat the Cat. So came the Stick, the Makel, and hit the Dog, then came the Fire (Esh), which is the Sefira of ‘Gevurah’ (‘Strength’) and burned the Stick. Then, came the Water. Mayim (Water) is Avraham and Sefirat ‘HaChesed’ (‘lovingkindness’), which extinguished the Fire. Then, came the Bull (‘Shor’), which is ‘Da’at’ (‘Knowledge’) and drank the Water. Everyone is punishing the one that is before him.

The Father bought Yosef for two amounts of money. Now the Shunra started a bad thing against Yosef and so now he has to be punished, so the Dog will punish him. Because he punished him a little bit too much, the Stick will hit the Dog. So now he becomes the bad guy, so the Fire will burn the Stick, and now he’s the new bad guy. Every time is like the new devil. The Water will extinguish the Fire and the Bull will drink the Water. Now the ‘Shochet’ (‘Slaughterer’) will slaughter the Bull to punish the Bull.

Where do we have the Malach HaMavet (‘the Angel of Death’)? In the Wisdom (‘Cochmah’). The Shochet is ‘Binah,’ the Mother. Malach HaMavet is the root of life. The secret of life is Malach HaMavet. Now, because of everything that happened, HaKadosh Baruch Hu (‘the Holy One, blessed be he’) will kill the Malach HaMavet. If he kills the Malach HaMavet, it means that we don’t have eternal life. It’s bad. Malach HaMavet is the Snake who holds the secret of eternal life. This is the real truth, but because the Shunrah talked bad about Jesus and sold Yosef, who is the Dog? It’s Pharaoh. Pharaoh made Am Yisrael to work in Egypt. Now Moshe (Moses) came with the Stick, and hit Pharaoh.

If we buy back Yosef for two million dollars, for what are the two million dollars? If the Father (Yaakov, the ‘rabbi’) buys again the Gedi (baby goat, Yeshua) for the two million, it means that the Shunrah is not going anymore to talk bad against Jesus. The ‘Cat’ won’t eat anymore Yosef. Am Yisrael is not going to sell Yosef to Egypt anymore. We fixed it. Now Pharaoh is not going to make Am Yisrael work in Egypt, in Exile. Now Moshe doesn’t have to come anymore to do miracles to hit the Dog (Pharaoh).

The Fire here is the name of ‘Elokim,’ which represents Nature. Nature doesn’t like miracles. If this world is all right, Nature doesn’t care about miracles. The Shem (‘Name’) ‘Elokim’ is against miracles only because all that we want is to reveal G-d in this world with miracles, but it cannot happen if the time is not right, if we are not yet adults. Fire is like the law of nature. ‘Middat haDin’ (the attribute of Justice, Judgement) is against the Stick. “Why do you do miracles, they don’t deserve it!” But if everyone will be good, it will not be anymore against miracles. It means the Fire won’t burn the Stick anymore.

What is the Water? The Water is the Torah. Fire is like the ‘Yetzer HaRa’ (‘the bad inclination’) too, so the Water (Torah) will not have to fight against nature or the bad inclination. We and the Torah can live in peace with nature. We don’t have to extinguish the ‘Yetzer HaRa’ (the Fire), that came from the law of nature. In the law of the nature, the strong one is the winner, so the Torah doesn’t have to extinguish this fire. The body is alright. You can have the Fire and the Torah (Water) too, if it is in balance. 

Who is the Bull? The Bull is Christianity. Christianity is against the Torah. Christiainity, the Bull, won’t be anymore against the Torah. They will learn the Torah, because the Torah is not anymore against the Bad Inclination. They are both at peace. Esau is called the ‘Bull’ too, not just Mashiach Ben Yosef (‘Messiah son of Joseph’). Christianity, which is Esau, is called the ‘Bull.’ Ishmael is called ‘donkey’ and Esau is called ‘bull.’ Who is the Shochet (‘slaughterer’)? Mashiach Ben David (‘Messiah son of David’), and he will not have to be against Christianity anymore, against Mashiach Ben Yosef. Then, the Angel of Death, who is the ‘Priest Mashiach (Messiah)’ and the Yetzer HaRa (like Esau), in holiness, will not anymore be against Mashiach Ben David. Then, G-D will not have to kill the Priest Mashiach, which is the Wisdom (‘Cochmah’).

Tiferet is the letter ‘Vav’ of the name of Hashem, which looks like a stick.

‘Hod’ is the ‘Yehudi’ (‘Jew’), ‘Lehodot.’ ‘Yehuda’ (‘Judah’) comes from the name, ‘Hod.’ ‘Lehodot’ means to say, “she was right,” to say, “thank you,” like an echo. Yehuda said Tamar was “more right than me, better than me.” Why did he receive the blessing of being the king of Israel? Because he made a mistake, but when he recognized the mistake, he said, “you were right, you were more right than me. I was not right.” So a Yehudi (‘Jew’) is someone who is supposed to be able to say, “You were right. Jesus was right. I was wrong.” ‘Lehodot’ is like ‘to confess,’ to go to the Priest and say, “I did this sin and this sin” (‘viduy’). “I’m sorry G-D that I did a mistake. I should not have done it.” This is called, ‘hodaya.’ This has to do with the Cat.

So you have a chain where all the mess in the world starts with this (the ‘Chad gadya’). Because the Cat ate and sold Yosef, the Dog ate the Cat, and so on… Mashiach Ben David is against Christianity, Jesus, and the death continues, everyone dies. Mashiach Ben David is the one who takes bulls and slaughters them, to prepare them to be eaten. He’s a fighter who kills his enemies.

G-D has to kill the Malach HaMavet, why? “You are responsible to fix all of this.” All of the rectification starts with Wisdom. “Kulam beCochmah asita” (“Everything with wisdom you make,” Psalm 104:24). ‘To make’ in Hebrew means ‘to fix.’ Everything has to be fixed with wisdom, all of the Creation. In the moment Wisdom is not fixed, there is death in the world. In the moment we fix the Wisdom, G-D doesn’t have to slaughter the Angel of Death anymore and everything is good.

Thank you.”

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