Ariel Cohen Alloro – The Star of David and The Cross


The unity of ‘Yeshu’ and ‘Esau’ within the Star of David. Counter-clockwise from top: י, ש, ו, ע, ש, ו.
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Video Transcript:


We’ve been talking a lot about these two concepts of ‘Esau’ and ‘Yeshu’ (‘Jesus’). We have here six letters and two words of three letters (עשו ישו), so it’s time to make from this a ‘Magen David’ (‘Star of David’). In the Magen David, we have two triangles. One is a ‘male’ triangle and one is a ‘female’ triangle. The male triangle we call, ‘lahav,’ which is the ‘blade’ of a knife and the form of a blade. It’s a masculine symbol. The sign of the army always has to do with this sign. This corresponds to the letters of ‘Yeshu,’ which is the ‘Tree of Yosef’ (same Gematria, 316), and is masucline/male. ‘Lahav’ (להב) is the same letters as ‘Hevel’ (Abel, הבל), which is the brother of Cain and equals ‘Yeshu’ in ordinal number Gematria (37), like we’ve explained many times. So the ‘Lahav’ form here completely corresponds to the name of ‘Yeshu’ and has the same Gematria.

There is another form which we call, ‘Gevia.’ ‘Gevia’ means a ‘cup,’ like the Holy ‘Grail,’ and this corresponds to the letters of ‘Esau.’ The ‘Lahav’ is like Yaakov (Jacob), and the ‘Gevia’ is like Esau. ‘Yaakov’ goes first to the right and after to the left (י-ש-ו). ‘Esau’ goes first to the left and afterwards to the right (ע-ש-ו). The second form here is the ‘female’ and the ‘cup,’ like a ‘vessel’ to receive. We call it ‘Gevia.’ If Yeshu, the male here in this form, has to do with Christianity, then when we talk about Mashiach (Messiah), the concept of Mashiach in Christianity, it’s male (Yosef). In Judaism, the Mashiach is female and is David. In ‘Gevia’ (גביע) you have the letter ‘Gimel’ (3, ג), like the three Fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob), ‘Yud-Bet’ (12, י-ב), which are the 12 tribes, and the ‘Ayin’ (70, ע) is the seventy children of Yaakov, so this triangle (of Esau) is completely something that has to do with Judaism, because ‘Mashiach ben David’ (‘Messiah son of David’) is red like Esau, and something which came from the Nations to Am Yisrael (the People of Israel). Yosef, which is Jesus, is someone who came from Yaakov, from Am Yisrael to the Nations.

If we connect these two points (י-ש-ו-ע), we receive two crosses. An upright cross and an upside-down cross. In the upright cross, we have the name of ‘Yeshua,’ these are the four points of the Cross from the name of ‘Yeshua,’ and in the upside down cross, we have again the name of ‘Yeshua.’ Here we have a triangle (on the top) that forms the letters ‘Yeshu’ and another triangle (on the bottom) which forms the letters of ‘Esau.’ Here is ‘Esau,’ which goes from the ground to up as a reflective light and is someone who comes back to G-d. He was far from G-D and he comes back to Am Yisrael and godliness. He comes back and goes to Avraham, on the right (as in Chesed).

Here we have ‘Yeshu,’ which is a descending light that comes from above and goes down. Yeshu is Yaakov who holds the ‘heel’ of Esau (The words ‘Esau’ and ‘heel’ both begin with the letter Ayin). Esau is holding the ‘head’ of Yaakov. It’s like the Snake and the Man. Who is the Snake and the Man? Maybe Esau is the Man? Esau we call, ‘Edom’ (אדום, like ‘Adam,’ אדם). The ‘Man’ is ‘Adam.’ Our Sages said that the beauty of Yaakov is like the beauty of the first man, but both of them are the Man and the Snake. It’s like the concept of the ‘Father’ (אב) and the ‘Son’ (בן), the ‘Stone’ (אבן). Esau got from here (ע) to the ‘head’ of Yaakov. It’s like when you kill the Snake, you go to his head, and the Snake goes to the heel of the man to bite. You can see here how the ‘good’ is the ‘evil’ and the ‘evil’ is the ‘good.’

Esau is the Man, but usually the Man is the Good, and Yaakov is the Snake, but usually the Snake is the Evil. You can see this too. Like I said, Yeshu goes to the ‘heel’ of Esau. His hand is holding the heel of Esau. It means he tries to bite the heel of Esau. The ‘Yud’ of Yaakov is like the concept of Wisdom and has to do with the ‘head’ of Yaakov. Here it is written that he is holding the ‘heel’ of Esau. This is completely a structure of ‘Chen’ (‘grace’), and symmetry of opposite things. You have two Crosses and both Crosses are good.

These two words, ‘Lahav’ (להב) and ‘Gevia’ (גביע), together equal ‘Tzlav’ (‘Cross,’ 122, צלב). It is a right idea to put the Cross here and we have no problem with an upside-down cross. Both crosses are good. ‘Tzlav Yashar’ (‘upright cross,’ צלב ישר) equals ‘Yeshu Yeshu’ (ישו ישו, 632), two times ‘Yeshu.’ ‘Tzlav Hafuch’ (‘upside-down cross,’ צלב הפוך) equals ‘the Tree of Life’ (עץ החיים, 233). If we want to get to eternal life, we have to search especially the things which are opposite, and not the straight things. The fact that this reverse cross was used by many occultists as a symbol of the devil means nothing, because anything evil has a good side in it. The perfection of anything is to be able to see the other side and have both be in holiness. This is why we have here Esau and Yaakov, which usually we will say that Yaakov is the good guy and Esau is the bad guy. We have here both in harmony and one is the male and the other is the female. ‘Lahav’ plus ‘Gevia’ equals ‘Cross.’

If someone wants to make jewelry with something that has to do with a marriage between Judaism and Christinaity, this is exactly the symbol. It’s everything that I teach, which has to do with these two names, and together make the name of ‘Yeshua.’ Here we see different ways the connection between these two men and concepts (‘Yeshu’ and ‘Esau’). 

Thank you.”

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